Our Philosophy 我們的哲學


Entreq Founder: Per-Olof Friberg

Entreq Founder: Per-Olof Friberg

” To quietly go where no man has gone before “

This is a bold and wide reaching statement but it is essentially our essence and spirit and is at the heart of all the products we produce !
As you study our product lines you will see a commonality in approach and execution of the solutions. These solutions have been garnered over 16 years of not just theoretical analysis, application and understanding of materials and their inherent effects, but through new un-expected discoveries during the testing and the all important listening process. The years have truly taught us that the more you assume you understand the more you NEED to explore and stay open minded to solutions that simply have yet to be realised.

We have come to the conclusion that if you THINK you have complete understanding, you have already lost your way ! There is always more to learn & understand !

Per-Olof Friberg, owner of Entreq has his roots in farming and has a lifelong passion for music. His story is one of evolution; from farmer to specialist audio innovator, designer and manufacturer.

Mother nature “

“Essentially, I am a farmer and as a farmer you live with and of nature. That is why it’s not strange that you realise what a fantastic builder Mother Nature is. Mankind cannot match her for either precision or suitability. Nature always follows the laws of physics and never puts design before purpose or the relationship with the environment.
The laws of nature are supreme and they are always valid, the materials she creates can rarely be bettered and only occasionally modified! This truth is essential to our approach in the quest to better understand signal transfer in Hifi and ultimately musical pleasure.

Since the 1980’s, in parallel with farming, we have been working in many fields on innovative product development. This has ranged from early research into magnetic field effects as well as into medical health clean-air products. Our work on the “Fog master” misting research and development project, directly leading to Virkon’s creation of specialist disinfection mists for airlocks and quarantines.
These numerous projects have given us a vast experience of thinking unconventionally, to identify problems, analyse them, and attack them from quite different angles.

Music is my passion “

Music and the reproduction of sound has been my hobby for over 40 years now. During those years I have had various sound systems. From my first humble 2-x 5w tape recorder from early 1973, I have strived to obtain the best sound possible. It actually took me many years before I started to see a pattern relating to cause and effect. Once I started to understand how the environmental impact from vibrations, magnetic fields and grounding effected the reproduction through my Hifi system – things started to get very interesting.

Today I use Wilson Alexandria loudspeakers, Halcro amplifiers and dCS digital products. A large loudspeaker system with a lot of information being pushed with quite a lot of watts, it’s a far cry from my modest beginnings. However the truth is that it doesn’t matter how modest or expensive your equipment is, if the foundations are not optimal and you don’t give your system the right conditions to let the music flow – It can often seem like you have an expensive, frustrating loveless relationship with music !

The long journey “

To make this 16 year long story short, you can say that my interest in sound and physics, together with the wealth of experience gained from developing solutions to production obstacles, with my enormously motivated colleagues has resulted in a wide range of products that have a unique twist on dealing with vibration, magnetic dampening, and electric and electronic whirl currents. Everything is developed and produced by us in Sweden, even our contacts and plug connectors for our grounding products, Interconnects and speaker cables. Contacts are an incredibly important part of any cable link and we believe that it should be a carefully integrated part of the design process. Our products are thoroughly tested by ourselves and by ten other carefully selected critical music lovers, using a diverse range of rooms and products. No Entreq product is released into the market unless it shows a significant improvement. I myself have bought expensive articles and been disappointed too many times, almost trying to convince myself that I really can hear an improvement.

” Unique individuals “

We are unique individuals with differing tastes, who have different criteria when judging musical value. Therefore there are no “this is the best” or “ this fits all” products. As a manufacturer we can simply offer you good products, from sound choices, built on a foundation of knowledge and experience while offering a degree of personal flexibility and tuning.

From our full range of Ground Box’s to the Apollo and now our new complete Atlantis line, we feel we have taken sound reproduction to a level that words cannot describe. The only way to understand how natural a system can sound with these products is to try them for yourself..

Thank you for taking the time to read a little about our philosophy and history, we look forward to hopefully enhancing your listening pleasure in the future.

Per-Olof Friberg