Atlantis 亞特蘭蒂斯


Nature is the best constructor ever..

With Apollo we thought we had achieved the Ultimate inquietness, then we made Atlantis..

With the Atlantis line, after many years of work, we have once again stretched what we had previously thought possible. Even we could hardly believe thehuge leap in the development of signal transmission and ground conditioning offered by the new Atlantis products

Every product in the line is exceptional but looking in sharp focus at the range, if you have the appropriate system, listening to the new mains cable, speaker cables, interconnects & USB – even in isolation – will leave you in no doubt about the rather bold claims we make about this line.
As an example of the lengths we have taken to improving the new line, the construction of the Atlantis speaker cable’s have an area of 2*18 square mm with different conductor areas and material’s mixed to an optimal construction, this combined with improvements to the grounding of noise as well as contacts & surfaces connectors that look & perform like no other, makes Atlantis a real milestone product in Entreq’s history. There is little point point in waisting words in trying to describe how good we think the line is, simply hear it for yourself. In our own opinion the Atlantis line is a true statement.

All Apollo cables can be upgraded to the new Atlantis Line. If you are currently an Apollo user and want to upgrade your cable’s or groundbox’s, please contact your distributor for more information on our generous upgrade scheme.


1 Separate cable for positive and negative signals

2 Asymmetrical design

3 Positive and negative cables are spun clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.

4 Adapted lengths to minimise the antenna effect.

5 DIC Dedicated contacts so the area on the mass of the contact areas correspond to the cable area.

6 Wood in the contact framework. Non-magnetic and non-conductive.

7 Only pure copper and silver in the signal paths. No alloys

8 Drain wire instead of shielding in order to connect to a pure earth point (External Earth Drain System)

9 Cotton covering instead of synthetic materials

10 EEDS External Earth Drain System
This entails the shielding / drain wire not being connected to the device’s negative pole, but is connected to another external earth point. One of our ground boxes is suggested.This way, we drain off the interference/noise that the shielding absorbs to the ground outside of the signal paths, instead of the usual mixing it together with the signal wire at the connection to the devices.
11 New construction for enhanced signal transfer

12 Further reduction to noise & signal interference

13 New connector construction on most of the range


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